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Trek Introduces the All New Émonda, Claims World’s Lightest Production Road Bike

by Bike Rumor

Trek Introduces the All New Émonda,

Claims World’s Lightest Production Road Bike


Trek Emonda lightest production bike (1)

The title of the lightest production road bike in the world is not one to be taken lightly. So when Trek announced that they were introducing a new bike that would take the crown we were intrigued. Trek has certainly offered some light bikes over the years, but the lightest production bike in the world? That, we were excited to see.

Introducing the all new Trek Émonda, a new line of ultra light weight road bikes out of Wisconsin. While the name carries the same letters as Madone and Domane, Émonda is an all new frame that will sit along side of the current bikes. The name itself is derived from the French verb émonder – to prune or cut away. A fitting name for a bicycle where every bit of unnecessary weight has been trimmed away.

The end result is a new frame with enhanced integration, size specific performance, and the lightest production complete weight – provided you can afford it…


Trek Emonda lightest bike launch (1)

Last year when we took a tour of Trek’s Waterloo head quarters there were a number of Trek Factory Racing frames hanging in the rear of the Advanced Composites Room. From a distance the frames looked similar to Madones, but with a number of small changes. Given the fact that Trek has been working on the Émonda for three years now, the secrecy surrounding the frames on the wall now makes sense.

Trek has always touted the benefits of their OCLV (Optimum Compaction Low Void) carbon fiber, but light weight has always been a back story to ride quality and strength. In order to get the weight down as low as possible while still being repeatable, Trek started what they are calling their “most stringent and sophisticated frame tube optimization project” in their history. Using size specific carbon layups and a new ultralight Ride Tuned Seat mast on the top tier bike, Trek whittled the frame weight down to an incredible 690g. Not quite the 667g Cervelo RCA, but pretty close. Trek is still quick to point out that while the Émonda frame is extremely light weight, they claim it is the best riding road bike Trek has offered.


Built with Ultralight 700 series OCLV carbon for the SLR level frames, Émonda continues with a number of specifications like the E2 tapered head tube (1.5″-1.125″) with asymmetric steerer, BB90 bottom bracket with bearings pressed directly into the carbon, internal cable routing, and integrated 3S chain keeper, and the new DuoTrap S. As the second generation of their Speed Trap integrated computer sensors, DuoTrap S is now compatible with both Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity and uses a new mounting system for improved looks.


SLR Émondas will also be equipped with the new Bontrager Speed Stop brakes which are a dual post design similar to the Dura Ace integrated stoppers. Compared to Ultegra brakes, Bontrager claims a 50g per caliper weight savings. Speed Stop brakes also offer an adjustable leverage ratio, two position quick release, and a wide set design to work with the widest rims and bigger tires.


As a complete bike the flagship Émonda SLR 10 comes in at an incredible 10.25 lb (4.6kg) and will retail for an equally staggering $15,749.99. In order to get the weight down to that level Trek is equipping the bike with Tune Skyline tubular wheels, and a Tune Komm-Vorr Plus saddle in addition to the SRAM Red drivetrain and Bontrager parts.



Coming standard on the new SLR 10 is the new Bontrager XXX bar/stem combo which provides a 75g savings over the same XXX bar and stem combination used separately. The bar/stem combo features a 129mm drop, 93mm reach, and is compatible with Trek’s new accessory integration system, Blendr. Eventually to be found across their entire line, Blendr allows accessories like lights, computers, and even cell phones to be attached to the stem with out zip ties or additional mounts.

emonda slr 9

emonda sl 8 emonda sl 6

Trek Emonda lightest production bike (2) Trek Emonda lightest production bike (1)

Émondas will be offered in a number of builds with three different frame levels. The S series Émondas use Ultralight 300 Series OCLV (1220g painted 56cm frame), a BB86.5 bottom bracket, a standard seat post, and are DuoTrap instead of DuoTrap S compatible. Jumping up to the SL level will gain you 500 series OCLV carbon (1050g painted 56cm frame), BB90 bottom bracket, DuoTrap S compatibility, internally routed cables, and the Ride Tuned seatmast. At the high end, SLR frames carry all of the bells and whistles using 700 series OCLV carbon for the 690g painted 56cm frame. Both the SL and SLR models will be sold as framesets for $1429.99 and $4199.99 respectively. The forks differ between the three models as well with a 518g painted fork for the S, 358g painted fork for the SL, and 280g painted fork for the SLR each with around 235mm of steerer tube.

emonda sl 5 wsd

Emonda sl 4

Complete bikes will be offered in both men’s and Women’s WSD models as well as H1 and H2 geometries depending on the model. If nearly 16k is a little too steep, Émondas start out at just $1649.99 for the S 4. The full line starts at the S 4 and then proceeds with the S 5, S 5 WSD, S 6, SL Frameset, SL 5, SL 5 WSD, SL 6, SL 6 WSD, SL 8, SL 8 Red, SL 8 WSD, SLR Frameset, SLR 6 (H1, H2), SLR 8 (H1, H2), SLR 9 (H1, H2, WSD), and the top dog SLR 10 (H1).

Geometry emonda trek

Bike Weights (KG: LBS):

Émonda S 4 8.74 19.27

Émonda S 6 8.38 18.47

Émonda SL 6 7.39 16.29
Émonda SL 6 WSD 7.46 16.45
Émonda SL 8 7.06 15.56
Émonda SL 8 RED 6.81 15.01
Émonda SL 8 WSD 7.00 15.43
Émonda SLR 6 6.60 14.55
Émonda SLR 8 6.15 13.56
Émonda SLR 9 6.10 13.45
Émonda SLR 9 WSD 6.09 13.43
Émonda SLR 10 4.65 10.25

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