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Saris CycleOn Pro

Out of the way has never been so close.

  • Carries 2 bikes out of the box or 3 or 4 bikes with the optional add-on kits (2-inch hitch only).
  • Carries up to 60-pound bikes.


So close, yet so out–of–the–way.

Gear of the Year recognized by Outside Magazine, the Cycle–On series of racks raises the bar in the industry by lowering the rack platform.

From road bikes to full–suspension mountain bikes, no more will you have to wrestle, heft and hurl your sweet ride onto awkward and ill–designed roof–racks. Simply wheel it up to the rear of your vehicle, lift it a few inches off the ground, and set it in the secure wheel trays which accommodate 20"–29" tires. Cycle–On takes care of the rest, so you can take care of more important things--like mapping out your next ride!


Raising the bar.

We raised the bar in another way with the Cycle–On Series, by giving you a ratcheting arm that secures your bike in one simple motion, without touching the frame.

The ratcheting arm easily holds the front wheel in the contoured trays, while the rear clamps wrap around the rear wheel to keep it steady and perfectly immobile. Plus, no part of the rack makes contact with the bike frame, so there’s never any rubbing or chipped paint to worry about. And when not in use the rack can be folded flat against your vehicle.

With the Cycle–On  you get the added peace of mind of an integrated locking hitch bolt and locking bike cable, so no matter where you take your bikes, you know they’re coming home with you.

Like everything we build at Saris, the Cycle–On series of racks is made in the USA to be tough, safe and stylish. Strong enough to hold up to 60 pounds, the rack is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

And with an optional add–on kit that increases the number of bikes you can carry from 2 up to 4, the Cycle–On rack really can meet your needs for a lifetime. The only thing it can’t do is help you hide the smile on your face as you watch other people struggle to get their bikes on a roof rack. Maybe you should let them in on the Cycle–On secret.



  • Carries two bikes out of the box.
  • Carries 3 or 4 bikes with the optional add–on kits. 
    • Note: the 3 or 4 bike CycleOn Add-On Kit can only be used with a 2” hitch CycleOn rack on a class III receiver.
  • Available in 1-1/4" and 2" hitch sizes - fits most standard hitches
  • Carries up to 60–pound bikes.
  • Fits bikes with 650c, 700c, 26", and 29" tires
  • Never contacts the bike frame.
  • Unique wheel trays accommodate road slicks right up to downhill knobbies.
  • Ratcheting arm secures bikes in one simple motion.
  • Folds up when not in use.
  • Includes locking hitch bolt to lock rack to vehicle.
  • Includes locking cable to lock bikes to rack.
  • Patents issued and pending.



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